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Many people are struggling with their waistlines, and it’s never a simple task to get it under control. For millions of people weight gain is something that will remain a problem for the rest of their lives, but it is possible to change that. Though many people turn to prescription treatments, many times this can be a dubious proposition. Many of these methods, such as Phentermine or Orlistat, can cause a lot of auxiliary problems in the users as well. This risk is often not worth the few pounds of weight los they’ve proven to provide a month, and will do little for those that need to lose 20-30 pounds or more. What people actually need is a proven treatment that not only works, but does so through natural means with little risk of bodily harm. Beyond that, the ideal treatment will be one that provides significant weight loss to users immediately, and which lasts longer than traditional diet or exercise.

Garcinia Fruit BasketAs always, it’s advisable to discuss with a doctor before trying any new method of weight loss out for yourself. However, there are definitely methods out there which provide rapid weight loss naturally, without all of the health risks with prescription treatments. Though many are aware of the HCG diet program, this method does offer rapid weight loss, usually 20 to 30 pounds per month for most users. This is around 10 times higher than use with phentermine or other prescriptions. Additionally, HCG is completely natural and works well in nearly all users. However, the talk of the weight loss community is not HCG, nor is it diet or exercise, it’s Garcinia Cambogia. This natural weight loss aid has found huge support among physicians and researchers as studies have clearly shown it to be a powerful metabolic booster. Most users will lose the same high levels of weight as HCG, but they need only slightly modify their diet. Garcinia uses an extract from the Cambogia family of fruits, which have been clearly shown in numerous studies to not only boost metabolism and decrease appetite, but generate weight loss through a unique mechanism. This works so well, that many personalities have picked up on its use, including Doctor Oz on his television show.

How Garcinia Cambogia Works

The exact mechanism that allows the Cambogia family to produce these results is still somewhat of a mystery, but there is something particular in the extract of this fruit that allows it to function so well. Once a person takes in the extract orally, their brain is sent signals to increase hypothalamus production, which decreases appetite and increases metabolism. No one knows precisely why this occurs, but it’s been measured independently in studies. This allows people to quickly shed pounds, even weight they’ve stored for years, and is only found in a handful of other known substances (it’s thought to act in a similar manner to the HCG hormone).

The biggest benefit to using Garcinia Cambogia extract to help lose weight is the reduced side effects. To date, no studies have identified any real side effects as a result of its uses. This is a very rare advantage to even the natural treatments like African Mango extract or HCG. Only a handful of weight loss treatments come from natural origins (not being man-made) and actually provide weight loss with limited side effects. Garcinia Cambogia in a recent study was shown to boost weight loss to the order of 30 to 40 pounds over 90 days, well above any known prescription weight loss method (on par with very low calorie diets or strenuous daily exercise regimens).