People have been using coffee to help them lose weight for thousands of years. When it was first discovered by European explorers, it was made into bitter tea style drinks. However, large scale monopolies controlling it quickly developed, as it was found to have potent effects on users, including increased energy and heightened sense of awareness. The substance may have started as a small Ethiopian berry producing bush, but it’s now the most consumed beverage in the world. Though coffee was discovered by Europeans at a much later date, it’s thought to have first been found and used by the Ormo people sometime around one thousand years ago. The process of roasting it wasan’t developed until much later, but eating the raw berries provided many of the same benefits as roasting. However, through the roasting process the caffeine is concentrated significantly for drinking.

Benefits of Unroasted Coffee Beans

Naturally Green Coffee BerriesNew research has actually found that coffee beans, if they are unroasted, possess many unique and beneficial antioxidants and minerals.  During the roasting process, much of this is lost due to the temperatures involved, but as it turns out the natural beans are much more healthy for people to consume.  Green coffee beans cannot really be used for drinks, however, as they don’t work the same way.  The roasting process frees up much of the caffeine and oils allowing them to seep through into water during brewing.  Green coffee doesn’t have this happen as the extract is not able to be brewed in this manner, and the antioxidants are preserved without roasting.  It’s just not possible to eat green coffee itself as it’s unpalatable.

The impact of green coffee on the body has been well studied in recent years.  New research indicates that users are much more likely to lose weight with green coffee than with any other natural oral supplement.  In a recent study out of Birmingham University they found that people who took green coffee supplements every day lost on average 15 pounds per month, without any changes to their diet.  This was far more than 1 to 2 pounds lost by the placebo group.  This was attributed to several different substances found in green coffee.  An appetite suppressant compound known as polyphenols are found in abundance in green coffee beans.  In additional a particular kind of acidic mineral is found in abundance which helps boost metabolism significantly.  These are lost when the coffee is roasted.

Green Coffee is widely available online, but not all supplements are the same as far as quality goes.  It’s imperative to check any products which you take to ensure that they contain a high enough dosage to work.  In studies, at least 500mg two times per day was given for the results to be seen.  This is a good starting place though there’s no clear boundary on how much can be taken each day.  You wouldn’t want to do huge amounts because of the caffeine and other energy boosting minerals in green coffee, but there’s no strict limitation.  Green coffee should be 100% pure typically.  If other things are included this is not usually helpful and can be a detriment to your diet.  It’s also not too expensive generally, so don’t pay over $30 even for high quality ingredients as it’s not that expensive to manufacture the supplement to a high standard.