The most popular weight loss treatment in the world today is the HCG diet, without a doubt. More people are using it than any other weight loss method ever before. There are all kinds of reasons for this behavior, not least of which is the powerful effects it gives users who take the hormone each day. Scientists have identified many benefits to HCG that are unknown in any other weight loss technique, but it’s simply a natural hormone that allows this to occur. The hormone is produced by women during the pregnancy, or their monthly menstrual cycles. However, it’s use as a weight loss aid has a much more brief history than it’s use in other applications. It’s also been used as a fertility treatment for many years.

Dr. A.T.W Simeons famously discovered the use of this natural hormone in weight loss through a study around 50 years ago on patients attempting to lose weight. On several thousand patients, he noticed that those on a diet lost far more weight than those using placebos and dieting. This slowly evolved into a full blown study, where he researched the effects and benefits of long term HCG use. At the time, he used injections to deliver the hormone to patients. Most people would lose 25 to 40 pounds of fat per regimen of the program (lasting up to 43 days per instance). In the modern program, many people are choosing to take in pure hcg drops, rather than these more traditional and painful methods. These oral drops are placed under the user’s tongue and allowed to be absorbed into the soft tissue in the mouth, which makes for a much better method of administration for the majority of users.

A 3 Phase Protocol Designed For Results

Happy Woman with Fruit on HCG DietThe unfortunate reality of losing weight on any method, whether it’s been shown to work in studies or not, is that it takes some sacrifice. Individual sacrifices were minimized as best as possible on the HCG diet (at least at the time it was formed), though the modern method makes some key changes that make it even easier to stick to. However, regardless of the method used, the protocol is broken down into 3 phases to maximize the success of the user, and make the results stick.

  • Phase One – This phase really doesn’t involve too much in the way of time, lasting only 2 to 3 days at the start of the program. Users begin taking HCG, and go on what is often called the “gorging” phase of the protocol. During this period they eat foods that are high in fat, and low in carbohydrates, with the ultimate goal to boost the lipid uptake of cells. When the caloric intake is then reduced, the fat cells will expel stored fat much more rapidly.
  • Phase Two – The primary phase of the HCG diet is actually the second. This is when a person drops their caloric intake either to 500 calories per day (Dr. Simeons original method) or 700 per day. During this time users will lose the bulk of the weight they shed on the HCG diet. The hormone has the huge benefit of boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite, allowing this to be possible without severe stress to the user. Additionally, strict guidance is given for what foods can be eaten, with certain goals such as 100-150 grams of protein with lunch and dinner to facilitate more rapid weight loss. This phase will last from 23 to 57 days depending on the protocol followed and the duration chosen.
  • Phase Three – This is often called the “maintenance phase” of the protocol, and lasts indefinitely, baring a return to the HCG diet. Users are to maintain a 1500 calorie per day diet after halting the 2nd phase of the protocol to ensure that the weight does not come back afterwards. The diet is fairly restrictive, but much less so than the protocol itself in the first two phases. If exercise is added to this phase, calories can be adjusted up accordingly.